How to study successfully

In today’s Society, mos students find it hard to study effectively. 99% of the reason for this dilemma is lack of interest and the proper orientation on how to go about the studying business.

Before I continue, I would like to tell you what studying is not and they are.:Studying is not reading for pleasure, it is not reading just to please anyone, it is not reading to for self gratification. Rather it is reading to know.

The moment your purpose of reading is to know, you are on the right step to studying successfully.

Now I do not count my step an expert on studying but I could help by the grace of God in raising platform for future study giants. Now follow these steps and change your study life forever.

  1. “definiteness of purpose is the bedrock of all achievements” . Before you begin studying ask yourself why you are studying and have a definite purpose
  2. Chose a secluded serenity i.e a calm and peaceful place to study
  3. choose a time frame for your study and set goals to reach at the end of each study session
  4. Jot down important facts and strange words that you come across while studying in order to make reference on in the future.
  5. Switch off all media of distractions while studying like cell phones, TV etc
  6. Always pray before you study.
  7. And don’t over stress yourself.
  8. take good meals

Following the above steps will definitely yield but study turn ups. Study well



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