Funny Jokes, Must Know

You must Laugh!

A pastor and a church
sister were Being
under a tree,not
knowing,a smoker was
on the tree hiding &
smoking. After the act,
the sister asked the
pastor, did u use
Pastor: no!!!! why?
Girl: supposing i get
pregnant who will take
care of the baby?
The pastor replied,“let’s
leave it to the one
above. Suddenly the
smoker jumped down
and shouted,U DEY
NA ME bleep AM?


An old farmer wrote 2
his son in prison.
Dis year I wont b able 2 plant
potatoes cos I can’t dig the field,
I knw if u wer here u
would help me.
D son wrote back, Dad,
dont even think of diggin d field
cos dat’s where I buried d money
I stole.
The Police read d letter & d next
day d
whole field was dug by
police lookin 4 d money but
was found.
D following day the son wrote
Now plant ur potatoes,
Dad..It’s the best I can do frm


A naija lady dat married
a chinese guy were
lucky 2 have a baby girl
after 9months of
But after 3months d baby died
and the mother of the
nigerian lady came to
visit them,
but she was just shouting;
i knew it! i knew it!
i knew it! I knew it!
I knew it! I knew it!, And so on.
And then a man that
noticed her shouting, now
called her outside and
asked her wat she
knew and she replied; i
knew that china
product does not last!!! Nawa




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