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Albert Einstein was one of the most brilliant scientist of all time, no doubt. But they are something “natural endowments” which I like to call it, that aided is genius.

In this post, I would give you 8 reasons why the pioneer of relativity- Albert Einstein was a natural genius:


1. He learned about what he wanted to learn and not what other authority’s like school wanted him to learn.

2. The parietal operculum region of his brain was missing. This let other parts of his brain like the parietal lobe grow larger.

3. Parts of his Sylvian fissure in his brain  were no where to be found. This could of enabled the neurons in that part of the brain to work better.

4. Einstein thought visually. Instead of thinking about information and words; he thought by visually imagining things.

5. His inferior parietal lobe was 15 percent wider than normal. This region of the brain is connected to mathematics.

6. He had more glial cells in his brain. Glial cells support nutrition in the brain and help with synthesizing information faster. That could be why he could think so powerfully.

7. He started building models and reading books about science, math, and philosophy at a young age.

8. He devoted much of his time to learning and thinking about new things.

Please do comments and state more reasons you know that made Albert Einstein a genius.



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